I'm Ashley. 20. Reckless.Military chick. Video Editor. Music Artist. Visionary. Misunderstood Masterpiece Outspoken. Loud. Undecided. Videoographer. Goofy. Inspiring Screen Writer, Producer, Writer. Photographer. Director. Holla at me. I don't claim to be shit, just me. This is only the start. Let's face it, I'm only 20... so I have plenty of time to decide on whatever the efff I want!
Freaking Chinooo.  🐵
No filter it’s just sunny outside 😘❤☀ Back in the Mont for tonight. xoxo
Lunch date  w/@alexrr0
Frozen yogurt. #calcium #protein #freshfruit #pink
My friends are crazy. Glad to have them in 2013 still!
How sweet. He tied my shoe. @alexrr0  #outofline #workout partner #bringiton mo’frappé! #competition
On the brighter side.
She just wont let go.